xAPI.fr Meta-Profile

This specification is available on Github: https://github.com/xapi-fr/xapi-fr.


The purpose of this specification is to define a set of rules and best practices regarding the use of xAPI, taking into account concrete examples that have been implemented in the french-speaking community. We call this specification a "Meta-Profile" because it put together a taxonomy, a vocabulary and several xAPI profiles.


The xAPI.fr vocabulary is a set of terms that we needed to cover the community use cases and that didn't exist in official profiles, or were too ambiguous to be used consistently. All the terms are currently based on the http://vocab.xapi.fr domain. Our intention in the future is to submit the vocabulary to ADL and see if it could be integrated into an official profile, or become an official profile.


The taxonomy is a hierachical classification of xAPI vocabulary items, coming both from xAPI.fr and official profiles. Its goal is to encourage a consistent use of the vocabulary.


Several contributors have accepted to publish their own xAPI profiles on xAPI.fr. Some of them are very project-specific. Others are more universal. But all of them can be used as a source of inspiration.

License / Copyright

This specification is delivered under the Apache Version 2.0 license: http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0.

Copyright 2019 S├ębastien Fraysse (http://fraysse.eu).