Moodle / VLE Profile: Identification


  • Agents identification MUST be based on the account format.
  • The account.homePage MUST be a stable platform IRI which is not subject to change, even if the platform hosting domain changes.
  • The MAY be the username used to authenticate the user on the platform, but only if this username can't be changed.
  • The SHOULD be an anonymous identifier (e.g. a UUID) to preserve data privacy.
  • The name SHOULD be ommited to preserve data privacy.
"actor": {
    "objectType": "Agent",
    "account": {
        "homePage": "",
        "name": "8be985de-9d4f-331a-8f06-fd4bab2030f7"



  • Activities MUST be identified with a stable and permanent IRI.
  • Most activities SHOULD conform with the <platform-iri>/xapi/activities/<type>/<uuid> schema.
  • The identifier of low level activities MAY extend the identifier of their parent activities.


  • Course: http://xapi.moodle.test/xapi/activities/course/1fae9d58-6bc7-42ec-ad9f-f9633d102fef
  • SCORM activity: http://xapi.moodle.test/xapi/activities/scorm/29b3a311-f4a5-4beb-8611-9e759767b37e
  • SCO inside a SCORM activity: http://xapi.moodle.test/xapi/activities/scorm/29b3a311-f4a5-4beb-8611-9e759767b37e/sco/1fae9d58-6bc7-42ec-ad9f-f9633d102fef

Moodle / VLE Profile

  • The context.contextActivities.category property MUST include a profile activity with the identifier.
  • The context.platform property MUST be set to Moodle.